ISACA LA Chapter Bylaws Update

The ISACA Los Angeles Chapter Board has requested a review and update to the Los Angeles Chapter Bylaws. The Bylaws Committee has taken the currently published bylaws template provided by ISACA Global and reviewed the current Los Angeles Chapter bylaws, dated 06/2010. After the Bylaws Committee presented its recommendations for bylaws changes to the Chapter Board, the resulting changes were presented to ISACA Global for review and approval. The approval from ISACA Global was received January 4, 2021.

We are inviting Chapter members to review and consider the proposed bylaws. If members have any questions and/or comments, please submit them to the Bylaws Committee via email at [email protected]. Comments/questions will be closed for further consideration April 15, 2021. We will post the relevant comments/questions (with answers) on the Chapter website.

To establish the proposed bylaws, we will be releasing a call for votes on the ratification of the new bylaws. The voting process will commence at the May Monthly meeting  in the form of one of the polls during the event. During that specific poll, we will be requesting the audience to answer with the options of Yes, No, Abstain, and Not a Member. We encourage you to attend the May event, in order to have your vote counted.

The results of the vote will be presented at the Annual General Meeting to ratify the proposed bylaws. If a majority of the votes affirm the new bylaws, they will go into effect July 1, 2021. Thank you for continuing to be a supporting member of ISACA Los Angeles Chapter.

Thank you,

David Alexander
Bylaws Committee Chair
ISACA Los Angeles
[email protected]