October Webinar | Improving Your Resume To Get Noticed
Oct 30 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Not sure what to include in your resume?  Do you want to get selected for a first round or second round campus interview with a great company?  Are you an experienced professional with 10+ years of experience and have a resume that already looks like a novel, but hasn’t turned out to be a best seller?  In today’s changing job market, you need to stand out among a sea of hundreds of LinkedIn job applicants all competing for that opening.  Join our session on the purpose of a resume, what information you should include, and how to get your resume recognized.

2020 Virtual IT Security & Risk Symposium | “Protecting Your Data During Turbulent Times” @ ISACA Atlantic Provinces Chapter
Nov 2 – Nov 3 all-day
PCI Expert Summit Virtual Event (RSI Security) @ ISACA San Diego Chapter
Nov 5 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


  • Sessions and a panel from the foremost experts in PCI data security standards.
  • Specialized breakout sessions featuring tailored, applicable information for a variety of PCI areas.
  • CPE credits offered for attendees.
  • Virtual networking, attendee messaging, and fun, interactive elements.
  • A virtual expo to meet innovators and leaders in the PCI industry.

Hosted by RSI Security

November Webinar | A New Perspective on Data: Creating Business Intelligence with Aerial Data Collection and Analytics
Nov 10 @ 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm

Data is continuously collected from sources ranging from remote sensors and fixed cameras to your own Facebook account. The widespread adoption of aerial data collection from planes, helicopters and, most recently, drones, provides a new perspective into the status of energy assets, forestry and fire conditions, construction progress, the efficiency of solar panels, damage from natural disasters, and so much more. Advanced analytics and applied AI provide business intelligence from the data collected, including alerting when changes in status occur, automated identification of specified issues and predictive analytics that allow for planned future actions. These advanced features translate into data that is pre-filtered and refined to provide valuable business insights that promote actions that save lives, create efficiencies and avoid unplanned budget expense.

This talk will provide valuable insights to the most recent advances in data collection and analytic techniques and uses. Topics to be discussed include:

  • How data is collected with a variety of remote aerial sensors
  • Introduction to analytics that refine data into valuable, usable intelligence
  • Ways that the analyzed data can be utilized to provide advanced efficiencies and safety
  • Resources available for learning more about data collection and analytics
Ethics for Internal Auditors @ IIA Inland Empire Chapter
Nov 11 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Course Overview: 

You will understand your ethical obligations as an internal auditor, as well as frameworks for analyzing and managing complex ethical dilemmas that may arise in practice … in a fun and engaging way.

‘Blown away quite frankly. Great balance of content and practicality, engaging speaker to what could be dry material. Almost seemed as though watching the news versus a formal lecture. Fantastic!’ – Mary

You are told to be ethical, and make ethical decisions, but are usually not provided with the practical tools to help you make ethical decisions. Instead of the usual check-box ethics training, you get practical, everyday tools you can use in your professional and personal life to make better decisions.

Ethical decisions usually mean make a choice between two rights and includes balancing various needs in order to make what is considered an ethical decision. This is what makes ethical decision making so hard, because there doesn’t seem to be one correct answer.

‘Provides excellent tools which I feel will make ethical dilemmas less overwhelming to deal with. I would make this required learning for all new managers – the sooner you learn, the better.’ – Hyoe

Learning Objectives:

·         Understand the ethical requirements of the IIA.

·         Learn the difference between ethics, morality, and compliance.

·         Define the types of ethical decisions and which are applicable to the decision you need to make.

·         How to develop ethical frameworks for ethical decision making in your personal and professional life.

About the Speaker:

Jason Mefford is a Rock Star in internal audit, risk management and compliance. He typically works with Chief Audit Executives and professionals in audit, risk and compliance with the technical and soft-skills needed to navigate the land mines of organizations. He takes complicated, confusing & hard things, makes them practical, proactive & simple to improve learning and transformation.

Jason is an executive coach, professional speaker, trainer and podcast host. He serves the internal audit community through his companies Mefford Associates, cRisk Academy (#1 on-demand, webinar, and certification training company for internal auditors), Mefford CIA Review Course, and the Jamming with Jason Podcast.

He is also the author of several books: Risk-Based Internal Auditor, Sawyer’s Internal Auditing, OCEG GRC Capability Model, Masters of Success, and I Walk the Streets Alone.