ISACA 2019 Career Night

Photos of 2019’s ISACA LA Career Night ISACA 2019 Career Night Dinner Meeting Topic: Inspiration from the LA County CEO and Career Advice from AEG, Deluxe Entertainment, LA Clippers and Big Four Our annual ISACA Career Night—led by Thomas Phelps IV, CIO of Laserfiche—will feature a keynote CEO speaker, Big Four panel (Deloitte, EY, KPMG,…

Dinner Meeting

Session 1: Threat Hunting in Internal Audit Governance
Session 2: Developing and governing the automation of controls, testing, and other repeated processes
– 02.12.19 –

Session 1: Eye on the Target – Threat Hunting in Internal Audit Governance With all the advances in cybersecurity over the past 10 years, why are we still hearing about large breaches being undetected for months or years? One key reason is that detection technology has not kept pace with adaptive adversaries. Learn more about…